Pretty Peony

As June rolls around and the wedding season gears up, you will probably be hearing the word ‘Peony,’ being thrown about, especially now after the Royal Wedding, where they adorned the vast flower arches of Windsor Abbey.

The Peony only flowers between mid-spring to early summer and can come in between 25- 40 different varieties, it is no wonder these are a firm favourite with our customers here at The Flower Box.

Now they are in season, we have a gorgeous selection in store that will brighten up any room and fast become a talking point with your guests.  We advise re-cutting the stems every few days as well as changing the water, if the flowers seem slightly sticky when you first buy them, wash them gently in warm soapy water to encourage them to bloom.

If there are good enough for Princess Meghan, then they are good enough for us here at The Flower Box. Especially when you get a beauty the size of your head!


Bunches available in store now for £9.50